No Soap Down City Drains

August 13, 2017
A lot of customers ask us if we use soap for our pressure washing services. In some cases we can (if the water & soap filters through the lawn or soil). Most of the time we hand bush any hard stains, although not all stains come out we do our very best! Please check out this article and remember;

"All of our storm drain system enters into the Bow and Elbow Rivers without going through a treatment plant, so we need to make sure that the water draining into it is clean."


How Often Should You Clean You Eaves

April 8, 2017

We have a HUGE pine tree in our front yard. And said pine tree is home to lots of Nature's furry creatures. This also means that our eavestroughs have to be cleaned at least 4 times a year. Here's why: Pine trees shed a lot. During the rainy season if our eaves aren't clear, they overflow like in the picture and the means not only damage to the gutters, but the roof and foundation of our house.

And while the small animals can be cute, keep in mind that they also like to make nests with the d...

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